How to Fill in the Forms

1. This form is a MS Word document.

2. To complete the form you must replace the variable information with your own specific data.

3. To insert your specific information into the form search for the name of the variable

which is enclosed in [brackets].

4. Search by selecting the Ctr F keys or “Edit” from the MS Word top menu and then select “Find”.

5. A dialogue box will appear on your screen. Type the left bracket symbol [ into the dialogue

box and then select “Find Next”. Your cursor will be placed at the [ symbol.

6. Now type in your specific data and replace the [ and variable name with you own

information. For example: F2 then type in [, then select Find Next, and you will see

[Petitioner’s Name], replace [Petitioner’s Name] with Jane Doe. Then repeat the process until

there are no more bracketed fields.

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